Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keep 'em Comin'!

Hi there!

Some of you have been asking how you can help. First and foremost, being here to support Rene through prayer, words, and encouragement is the best, most life giving thing right now -- so keep 'em comin'! All of your words, stories, written thoughts and prayers, they mean so much, especially to Rene. She is delighted to hear from you and to read any comments you leave on the blog as well.

There is a meal tree being set up and as soon as I have proper contact information for you on that I will leave it here if you would like to help in that way. We will also be setting up an option to donate financially as well and will be posting more information on that as well.

Rene had a great night of sleep last night -- deep, rejuvenating sleep -- better sleep than she has had in weeks. She has been in relatively good spirits and is very happy to be in the comforting environment of her parent's home.

Please feel free to leave a comment here for her to read - they really brighten her days. If you would like to visit or speak with her, please call her at her parent's house.

Thank you again for who you are and how well you love Rene!


  1. Rene-
    We are praying hard for you. We send you smiles and love just like the smiles and love you've shared with Molly (and me!)during her time at ND. You continue to be an inspiration! Warm hugs to you and all of your family.
    Anne Cashman

  2. Hi Rene,
    Just found out about all that you've been dealing with these days! So sorry to hear it. I am so glad that you are home, that's always the most comfortable place to be. I would like to visit you when you feel up to it. Sending hugs to you,
    Shawn Parola

  3. Hi Rene,
    You are in my thoughts an prayers every day. If you hear a car horn on Porter Lane in the evening, it's probably me on my way home from work thinking of you and your family and sending my love and prayers.
    As my daughter said, you were a big part of our lives their first 20 years and we will never forget the loving support you were to all of us---especially in the difficult times.
    Much Love,

  4. Pam and Bill PabstJuly 29, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    Pam and Bill Pabst said...

    Rene, you and your family have always been there for Bill and me. Just because I was with Bill I was A-OK in your books and that has meant a very great deal. Even more important is the laughter and love that simply ooze from both you and your parents and that is the most precious gift of all. You all simply enfolded us into the family circle. So, now it's time for us to be there for you, all of you! Just whistle and whatever you need or want will be done, just because we love you all!

    Hugs and more hugs,

    Bill and Pam

  5. Rene,
    We are so happy that you are at home nothing is better then being with Mom and Dad. We have you and the family in our prayers. Know that you are loved and any thing you need we will be there. We all love you
    Brad, Janis, Jenna & Jessica

  6. Rene - we are thinking about you every day. I'm so glad for you to be at home where you are comfortable. Please let us know what we can do to help. You mean the world to us!

    Stephanie, Jeff and Tanner

  7. Hi Rene, just thinking of you and want to say hello.
    Glad to hear that you are home. Looking forward to visiting
    you when you are feeling up to it. Sending you all our love.
    The Souza Family

  8. Rene, you are in my thoughts so often in the day. They say God only gives us what we can handle, but darn Him, enough already.
    I miss you around the halls of ND, even though summer still shows it's presence with lack of folks on campus. You have been my rock, open ear many a day, shoulder to lean on while being a pillar of professionalism. Thank goodness for all those great binders that you have kept. Know that I will look at the Mag Drive one and help get it off to a good start.
    All this is trivial as you put on the good fight with what you have been dealt. Know that I am right there in spirit with your battle sista. May it be a peaceful, loving, supportive one and that you feel God's loving embrace daily.
    Blessings, Cathy Kuebler

  9. Renee- I appreciate all the love you have always given to Jules, myself and the rest of my family. Please sweetie, know that you are always in my heart and in my prayers!! Much love to you-and if you are up to some of my special Chocolate Chip Cookies, just say the word, and I'll bring over a nice fresh warm batch :)