Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Home Home!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Keep 'em comin'!

Just a quick update...

Despite the weight of the previous post, we are choosing to find victory in the small things and are praying for miracles, whether they be big or small (but no miracle is ever small now is it?!)

We had a victory today! Yesterday I mentioned that she may get to go home tomorrow or Wednesday, but Rene really, really wanted to get home as soon as possible. The hospital and Hospice teams worked hard to make it happen as quickly as they could and the good news is that she is now HOME at her parent's house! She is already feeling more at ease and comfortable.

We will update with more news tomorrow regarding visiting, etc. Thank you again for how you love Rene. It really means so much -- your love and friendship gives her vitality and life! Thank you!!


  1. Rita here. Hard to find words from the shock of these developments but I am glad to hear you are home, Rene. May the little blessings (Miles, Addie, Cooper et al) lighten the day for you.

  2. Rene,
    Oh dear heart! I have been thinking about you, praying for you, and sending you loving and healing energy since I got MBR's first email. I just learned of this blog from Rita and so grateful to those who are updating it. What an unbelievable turn of events! I've been thinking about our good talks, especially to and from Sr retreat this year (our laughter most of all!) You are a joyful, loving, caring, giving, encouraging, and thoughtful woman. I leave for CO Sat, so if there's anything I can do before then or when I return mid-Aug, please let me know (food, dog walking, visits, etc). I will continue to pray and hold you in my heart.
    Prayers and peace,
    "Evergreen" by Joyce Rupp

    silent sentinel of hope
    through all seasons.

    deep within me
    an evergreen grows,
    strong, tall, resilient,
    always singing
    of life.

    Her stouthearted green
    endures, thrives
    amid winter wilds.

    She is strong.
    She is evergreen.
    She lives in me.

  3. Woohoo! We are So glad that Rene got to go home even if it's not how we wanted it to happen. Again, we love you all and are praying for your entire family! I am ready to sign up as soon as I see something on the right side of the page...
    Renee Ollenburger

  4. So glad to hear you are home, Rene. I sent some goodies to you through Timmy. You may have to fight your dad for them. You can share, only if you want to. We're thinking about you and sending you lots of love.
    Stacy said "you are a very brave lady and she hopes every day is filled with love and many earthly things that make you happy."
    XXXOOO Vicki, Martin and Natalie

  5. Hi Rene,

    It was great to see you on Saturday. I am praising God that you have been able to come home and be in a comfortable bed, eat the food you love and not be interrupted every half hour. My prayer is that you were able to get a good nights rest. I am now home in Groveland.

    You continue to me in my daily prayers and I have great prayer warriors storming Heaven for energy and peace for you, Christopher and your mom and dad. God definitely is holding you in His arms. You will love Hospice. They are a huge support for everyone. I can testify that they are God's special angels.

    I didn't get to tell you that I put my house on the Garden this June. Christopher will not believe the transformation. In the front yard I put up a split rail fence with that green vinyl fencing to keep the deer out. So far so good. I now have lavender, petunias, jasmine, coreposis and barberry ... it is so colorful and give me great joy. I had a guy come and open up all the trees so now I really have the million dollar view.

    You are so blessed to have those four adorable grandchildren. I know they will keep your spirits up!

    I Love You, Sharon

  6. Dear Rene,
    We are thinking and praying for you. We LOVE you!!! Steve, Gina, Steven and Marina.

  7. Rene,

    there are so many good thoughts and prayers from me and my family to you and yours. We love and admire you so much,
    N and Mr. Guinness

  8. Rene,
    You are in our thoughts and in our hearts.

    Jim and Irene Floyd

    PS. Bebo says hi.

  9. Hi Rene

    You are such an inspiration. I love your calm demeanor and your ability to find the good everywhere. You were such a trooper in France and Spain!

    You are in my waking thoughts and prayers.


  10. Hi Rene,
    You are one one of the very best parts about ND, and I enjoy all of our chats and sharing of stories about life, family, crazy Grandma, Miles, you-name-it! You're kind, funny, warm-hearted, and so, so genuine. You are a gift to me in so many ways. I echo Patti's sentiment that you are able to find the good in everything- this is something I admire, and that I strive to also make a part of my own self. You are constantly at the forefront of my mind, and I am sending you love and healing energy.

    Michelle Stewart

  11. Rene,
    Your love of family is inspiring and I am happy that you are now home surrounded by the many people who love you. I am thinking of you daily.