Thursday, July 29, 2010

Icecream and Other Tiny Delights

Since she has been home, Rene has stuck to the living room of her childhood home. She feels the warmth of the living-room, surrounded by family and able to hear the small details of each activity going on around her. This is what she most desired when she learned that she was terminal. She wanted to be home, to be surrounded by her family, and to be amidst the daily hustle and bustle.

I have been spending a bit of time reflecting on what this means to Rene, and also what it means to me. To delight in the moments of the day is such a lovely concept, and sadly almost foreign to me. My life is noisy, loud even, and moves at the speed of sound! Rene sees the value in the daily activity, the loveliness of an update on a friend's life, watching Cooper and Great Grandpa go down the slide (Yes! Cooper got Albert to go on the slide twice!), an update from Honey about her Wednesday coffee group. Since I met Rene about 20 years ago, she has been this way. Regardless of what was happening in her life, she has always preferred sitting with family. Be it at her house, her in-law's house, her parent's house, she delights in the day-to-day. She delights in the moment, in the small but significant details that make up life.

I have learned a great deal from Rene about priorities. She teaches me to dream big, but appreciate the small details. She teaches me to be content. She teaches me that family is important, relationships are important, living is important. She teaches me that life is literally the small details, rolled up into a big memory. Life is not about the giant milestones, it is more about how we live in between those milestones. How we treat each other, how we appreciate the moments, how we respond to the highs and lows, and how we love.

Today my Dad reported that Rene had three servings of ice cream, and that she "sparkled" through the day. She is tired, and she is grieving, but she delighted in the small things today. She talked to family, she enjoyed the warmth of her childhood home, and she ate her ice cream. Today Rene continued to teach me as she always has, that the smallest of details are sometimes the most delightful. I am in awe of her as always.




  1. Rene, Mother Teresa wrote this quote with you in mind.

    Mother Teresa Quote:
    Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

    My family continues to send our prayers to you daily.

    Anna Q

  2. Dear Rene,

    You go girl! Three dishes of ice cream. You are my idol. You know how much I love ice cream especially mocha nut fudge.

    When I took widowhood 101 they didn't tell me I would have to kill black widows and catch and remove lizards from my garage and house. I removed the lizards but not before screaming.
    Jim should have told me this would be part of my duties.

    Unfortuniately, The gophers are trying to get to my beautiful plants and flowers in the front yard. It is a guess who will win. I have this special gopher killer that puts poison grain deep into their tunnels. I will keep you informed about who is winning.

    Family is where it is at. I would rather spend time with my kids and grandkids than anything. I laughed that Copper got great grandpa to go down the slide.

    You continue to be in my prayers. God does love you dearly.

    I love you, Sharon All this week it is going to be 92+ degrees in Groveland. Sounds like a trip to the Lake.

  3. Dear Rene
    I love us grandmoms. Thank you for sharing Cooper with me. I am praying for you. As we walked this life. May the Lord be with you always

  4. LOVED seeing you today! You are amazing. You are beautiful. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for loving us so well!

    Analise wants me to say this to you (I am typing as she talks): "I hope you feel better and that you love the dolly you gave me that I gave back to you. She makes me smile. Rene makes me smile too. She liked my necklace today. Oh, yeah, talking to Rene, not you mom. Rene, thanks for liking my necklace today. I love you."

  5. Hello from Maine, Rene,
    I tried to post earlier this week from our cottage here but we really can't get a steady internet connection there. Now we are "in town" at my parents, enjoying our time together. We send you love and prayers from this other coast where we are having a beautiful family time together and breathtakingly good weather. Emma, John Henry and Bill send their love and Emma hopes you got her card and are "confident and golden." You have been such a lovely role model to her and the person who welcomed her to the Notre Dame --she was just enjoying looking at your pictures here on the blog. I arrived on vacation more renewed than I usually feel after our few visits before I left. Thank you for that gift and so many others.

    Ann S. and family

  6. Rene, I just read the blog to Amelia. I told Amelia that Kristen's Mommy is sick. Amelia said that you could use her pink medicine:) You are in my thoughts! You are such a great Mom to Kristen!!! xoxo Melanie Palm

  7. Hi Rene,
    I have not posted in awhile as I am not in town. I will be back in town a week from tomorrow and am hoping to sneak in a short visit with you so we can have some "Grandma brag time"! I pray for you everyday, stay strong and feel the love of everyone around you. Gregg sends his love and strength also. I'll talk with you soon.

  8. Hey Rene,

    3 helpings of ice cream - fabulous! Comfort food is the best. I've been on the road a lot because of camp; so much more now after the merger. Last week I was at Metro for their show. One of the cutest acts was 24 little 1st graders doing a choreographed routine with their Teddy bears. You would have loved it!

    We now have a camp near Soda Springs called Deer Lake. I just heard from the Camp Director that a pair of bald eagles have taken up residence near the Lake. The girls are choosing names. I'll let you know what they come up with.

    I hope to come and visit you soon. I'm continuing to send you positive energy and good thoughts. Hugs to you.

    (and of course, sassy Miss Buttercup!)

  9. Hi Rene,
    Just wanted to tell you how happy we were to see you this week. We think of you everyday and are constantly sending you positive vibes. We love you lots! Hope you enjoy the frosting. : ) Katie said Paul will be bummed there is no cake to go with the frosting, though. Guys just don't get it. : )
    Martin, Vicki and Natalie

  10. Hey Miss Rene,
    Carry on living your life! We are keeping you and Chris in our thoughts.
    Let Sharon know that she should leave the lizards alone...they eat insects...maybe even a Black Widow or two.
    love you. Laura and Donald Gagliasso

  11. Hugs to you, Chris, Honey and Al and the rest of the huge extended Lepiane clan! We're thinking good thoughts but how can those beat three bowls of ice cream ... there HAS to be some "good medicine" in that! Hope to visit with you Monday or Tuesday but we'll call first! We certainly hope SOMEONE got a picture of Albert and Cooper on the slide ... that's got to be a keeper!

    Keep up the good work, MORE PASTA, MORE ICE CREAM, and other "health foods" - if they taste good they must be good for you!

    Hugs and love,

    Pam and Bill

  12. Rob and I are sending our love and support to you and the family. Rob said if you need another ride to the bank he will take you. I just send my love every minute
    Hugs and Kisses
    Sherry and Rob (WG Relay)

  13. Kathleen (Blaylock) ConwayAugust 2, 2010 at 9:46 AM

    Hi Rene,
    I know how much you love Octobop, so I sent a link to this blog to my brother-in-law, Jack Conway, who plays in the band. You know he also plays in the Jack Conway Trio. I'm going to ask him when he does his next gig, to dedicate a song to you. Is there any particular song of theirs that you love? I'll let him know. Here's my email address:
    Lots of love,
    Kathleen (Blaylock) Conway

  14. Hey Rene,

    I need my chocolate fix!!!! I am jealous you got to eat THREE bowls of ice cream. Plus need my venting session about kids,dogs,hubby. Sending lots of HUGS :)))))

  15. Rene,

    Are you accepting visitors? I'm back from L.A. and don't want to intrude, but if you have any candy lying around... dietetic, of course...


  16. Hi Rene and family,

    Warm wishes from Willow Glen! The girls and I love to make ice cream, and when I told them you had eaten 3 bowls they asked, "Did her Mommy get mad?" And then said "Maybe we should make her some of our ice cream!" If you are up for an ice cream delivery let us know.

    Brooke, Teagan and Lydia