Monday, July 30, 2012

Missing Rene

Every day that gets closer to August 8 weighs heavier on my heart. I am deeply sad, but I also know that I need to push that energy outwards. I am grateful for your photo in my kitchen that reminds me every day to get up, and take on the day. I am grateful that you remind to focus on the positive, to "Get over it, baby!" and to do my best every day. Because of you, I tell me children each morning to "have fun, work hard, and do your best". I don't hope that they are the smartest, the prettiest, the strongest. I hope that they try their hardest, that they stretch their abilities as far as they can, and that they savor every emotion, every smell, every image that they can each day. I loved that about your life. Your ability to find the rich flavor in the simplest of moments, in each person that you crossed paths with. Thank you for teaching me, and leaving me with your wisdom as your legacy. I miss you.

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