Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Rene!

Happy Birthday dear Rene. We made chocolate cupcakes in your honor today and sang "Happy Birthday". Cooper even sang it again himself! It was a joyful day and we celebrated the wonderful life that you lead. We carry you with us every day!

The kids and I went to the farmer's market quite early today. I wanted to let Jay sleep in given that he has let me sleep in just about the last 3 months in a row! We snuck out and went for coffee and fresh flowers, fruits and veggies in Campbell, and then decided to "hunt for treasure" at yard sales. We stopped by several that lacked anything worth getting out of the car for, before we came to a great yard near our house. We hit the motherload!! Not only did this house have TONS of things that we were looking for, the sale was hosted by three of the loveliest ladies that I have met in a long time! We scooped up a table for the yard and four chairs, a trunk FULL of costumes, a racer scooter for Addi, and a garbage bag full of legos, and we had so much fun doing it! The ladies were welcoming and sisterly, and we laughed and watched the kids go through all of the treasures. Before leaving I had to hug the gals and gave them my contact info because something told me that they are extra special. Lulu even stopped by later with more costumes!!

Later, my Dad stopped by for a visit. I was telling him about the yard sale, but didn't mention where we went. He then described a yard that he had just visited and picked up some biblical literature, and had a blast. IT WAS THE SAME SALE!! I honestly believe that we were all meant to visit those gals today. Perhaps it was to bring us a cheerful day, or because we were supposed to make the connection with those wonderful ladies, but whatever the reason, I am thrilled with the impact. We were so cheerful, that we came home (after calling Jay to bring the truck!) and I redecorated the entire house. I switched the living room and dining room, just to mix things up. I have fall nesting syndrome, or get on with life syndrome, or something to that degree and it feels wonderful! I felt and extra pep in my step, and wanted to sing happy birthday all day! :)

Rene- you are with me as I move art, and search for treasure and make cupcakes. You and all that you have taught me live on in the choices I make, large or small. I have so much to be thankful for, and I am thankful for every minute that I shared with you, and now every minute that you guide me forward.

Happy Birthday dear...I am with you forever.



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  1. Hi Kristen, I was a good friend of Rene's back in her single days, we would go to church and be in the singles group at St. Martin of Tours. We laughed and shared many breakfasts and dinners and conversations together. We were the best of friends- she had so many. We had so few times since our marriages and my moving out of town. I wanted to wish her happy Birthday last year and googled her name only to find out she wasn't here for her 50th. She was already gone to Heaven. I couldn't breathe when I read of her passing. I too miss her so much. She was such an encouraging and life giving person. I had the wonderful pleasure of being affected very deeply by her. She spoke so well of your Dad and you. You truly were a blessing in her life. Your posts are wonderful. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable. In her love, Julie Harris