Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update: Wed July 21

Today was a bit painful as we were told that the test results and prognosis would be available, but unfortuntely they had to run more tests. The doctors think that Rene has cervical cancer, but have been unable to comclusively identify the cellular type. They had to send cell samples to an external source to run additional tests. Hopefully we will hear tomorrow.

We do know that the cancer has metastesized. It likely started in the cervix or uterus and spread. There are leasions throughout the abdomen as well as a large mass by or in the uterus. The mass was putting pressure on the kidneys and they started to break down. She is stable now, with tubes that go from the kidneys out of the back which help them to drain so that her body can function normally. She has been having trouble maintaining nutritional levels such as protein and minerals, so the staff is working on these items before she can embark on a chemo plan.

The hardest part of this week for Rene is the waiting game. She is equipped to fight, but isnt sure what she is fighting yet. She wants to know what she is facing, hear about treatment options, and look to friends and family to research alternative forms of treatment as well (nutrition, homeopathy, accupuncture, etc...). She is a strong woman, as we all know, and is facing the fight of her life. This journey will bring more ups and downs, and right now is a big down!!!

Your Help:
Your prayers and support are absolutely wonderful! Her room looks like a beautiful flower box from the gorgeous flowers that you have brought her. She really appreciates them and keep having us rearrange them so that she can appreciate each one. Keep your Prayer Warrior hats on and ask God for big miracles and small miracles. Please pray for peace most of all for Rene. She is a brave woman going through a shocking, scary and sometimes terrifying experience. Please pray that she finds quiet and peaceful moments where she can find inner strength and talk to God.

Many of you have also offered to help in a variety of ways including food for the family. We will put a bit of thought into this and let you know how you may contribute should you feel lead to do so. Thank you so much for your humble support. You have all rallied around Rene and our family, and your love and support means more than we could ever convey to you.

I will update you tomorrow once we know more.

With love,


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  1. Thanks for the update. Love you. Praying for all of you!