Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank you, From Rene

Friends and Family-

Rene wanted us to share with you her gratitude for all of your love, support and prayers. She is quite tired this week and spending some quality time with relatives and resting, so she appreciates the "virtual" support.

We are still waiting for the pathology report, so that the doctors can determine the course of treatment. Hopefully we will know tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Keep your thoughts and prayers coming! We have been reading your posts to Rene and she loves to hear from all of you.




  1. Hi Rene,
    We are thinking of you every day. Many, many friends are praying for you and sending you positive thoughts, so feel the vibes!!! We love you LOTS!!!
    Vicki, Martin and Natalie
    P.S. We will bring you more See's Candy.

  2. Hello Rene
    My prayers are with you and I know you are blessed with so many friends, family and ole friends like myself. I will come by to see you once you have gained some strength.

    God Bless you


    Fred Wolkovitz

  3. Hey Rene,
    I've been thinking about you all week bouncing from camp to camp. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and energy your way. You may be tired right now but I know your inner strength is strong. And you have wonderful support from the circle around you. Hang in there! And here are some more of those "virtual hugs" for you. If only I had a guinea pig to share - you know how that story always makes us laugh!

    Sari V.

  4. Hey GF
    Just came from a walk. This perky jogger passed me twice around. Was going to trip her if she passed me a third time.Lucky for her. Thought of you and all our many walks. Looking forward to many, many more